Thumbnail blending options part 2

Blend modes part 2

 This is the second part of the blending options blogpost. Last time we talked about the options Darken through Darker Color, now I would like to discuss the options in the area below: Lighten, Screen, Color Dodge, Linear Dodge and Lighter Color.      Intuitively, I often use the blending options as found in Adobe Premier […]

Fargo poster


 FargoFor the past six months the show has been available on Netflix (which offers the first month for free), time for a closer look at Fargo. What is the show about, which style is used and why it’s a unique, weird and awesome show.No spoilers! And a few words from the Director of Photography.   Fargo […]


Bourne Ultimatum, madness editing or perfect sense? #1

 Bourne Ultimatum, madness editing or perfect sense? #1The average Hollywood feature film has around 1500 to 2000 cuts made in the editing. The well-known Bourne movies, famous for their high-speed action, have more than double the amount of cuts made in the edit. The shaky camera and super fast editing is a real signature for […]