This video was created at ski-resort Winterberg Germany. It’s a relatively low area, not in the Alps, so every year it is uncertain there will be enough snow for the people to ski or snowboard. At the time I was ready to shoot, not a single flake laid on the ground. The next morning, it was pure white. I decided to use that contrast in the video.




This video I made in the Algarve region in Portugal. The idea was to make a video that represented the mellow feeling of the area and the charming characters living there. The result is a mix of slow and fast pictures and editing.



This video was produced for Kwekerij de Westerbebouwing, a Dutch company that produces fruit and fruit plants. We were aiming for an honest film. The CEO, a charming man, gave insight into the history of the company and why he felt compelled to start it.

I can also be very interesting to make a video for a small company such as Margeaux.nl. This woman produces jewellery out of a variety of woods. She is the sole employee. She was very grateful to allow us to shoot the full process of the jewellery production, which made for interesting shots.







I was the editor for this childrens film. This movie was produced in 48 hour, from the conception of the scenario untill the uploading of the video.

This film was our contribution to the international horror movie competition Who’s there film challenge. We produced the film in three days. I was the DOP, writer and second director. It was loads of fun to get to work with a film team that has become good friends. Next year we will win.







For a Dutch television show called ‘Jungleclub’ I do the editing. For three seasons I worked on around 75 episodes. It's one of the best watched children's program in the Netherlands. Produced by de Moore Creative Industries


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