I’m available to work on single projects or on a full production as a cameraman. I have nine years of experience as a filmer, and have completed two studies on it. The first one was a technical film study that taught me all the basics of filming, editing, writing and production. The second study was television journalism. I wanted to develop my interviewing skills, and add more depth to my work. This allows me to combine the best of both worlds.


I’m available for hire as a freelance editor for one job or as an editor on a full production. Editing might be the most fascinating aspect of my work. It’s the thing that can make or break a film. I have done editing work for corporate films, short movies, television shows, destination movies, and every project needs a different rythm to nail the feeling you’re trying to achieve.


Running a company has given me plenty of experience in production work. Over the years I’ve become very skilled at not only shooting and editing a movie, but also planning, running brainstorm sessions, writing scenario's, putting together the right team, prepping equipment, and location scouting. The process doesn’t stop at the moment you start filming. I’m always available for hire if you need any help on developing an idea into a scenario, and producing the clear and high quality video that is ready to be shared online.









Destination marketing requires a keen idea and eye, to be able to represent a destination in both a way that is truthful, and inspiring to the potential customer. I enjoy nothing more than being outdoors and produce a high quality video of a destination that’s waiting to be discovered and admired by travelers. I also work with private companies: hotels, restaurants and tour companies.

To create a successful corporate video, is to touch the soul of the company. I like to makes videos human, to show the faces behind the name of the business. Asking the right questions: What makes your organization irreplaceable? And combine that with stylish, clear shots of the business to create a visually appealing video with depth.

Because of my journalism background I’m able not only to produce good imagery, but also carry out research and conduct a steady interview. I feel that what makes a documentary interesting is a fascinating story and scenario, truthful characters and interviews, and beautiful cinematography.

For three consecutive years I’ve been the major editor of a Dutch telivision show called ‘The Jungleclub’, that’s broadcasted daily, a couple months out of the year. I’ve edited about 75 episodes, while also training and teaching multiple interns the craft of editing.

I’ve worked on a handfull of movies so far. My role in them varies: I can be hired as a cameramen, editor, director (of photography), and sometimes I might do all of them at once. Films I’ve worked on have received multiple awards and nominations, including once for my editing work.




sony fs100 Sony FS100 camera with super 35 mm sensor. Gives beautiful pictures with the right lens. Can shoot 50 and 60fps for slowmotion.


Always comes in handy. My action cam GoPro Hero 3+ black edition with accessories to put on a car, boat, plane, underwater.

Red_Head_LightingRedhead lighting kit

dji-phantom-2-uk-stock copy

(Coming soon)

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